Grow Your Own Mushrooms

Which Mushroom Grow Kit Should I Choose?

Here is a quick guide to help you choose the best grow kit for success. Take a look at the chart to help you determine the best option considering difficulty, yields and medicinal qualities. Our grow kits are designed to be as easy as possible and contain easy to follow, step by step instructions. 

The most important factor to consider is fruiting temperature. While all of the kits will have a degree of success fruiting inside your house, the general fruiting temperatures will guide you to choose the mushroom that will thrive for the time of year and average temperatures inside your home. For example portabella and white button mushrooms prefer cooler temperatures and may not fruit above 75-80 degrees which is why we only offer them October-June.

Please keep in mind that the kits contain LIVE mushroom mycelium and they will be delivered to you ready to fruit! Make sure you are ready for at least a 2-4 week growing time, although with most kits you will enjoy at least 2-4 harvests over a couple months if you would like! Most kits can be stored in the fridge or a dark closet for no more than 2 weeks. Each variety will prefer a different storage temperature so make sure to read the directions when you receive your kit. 

Fruiting temperatures:

Blue Oyster - 65-80F

Button Mushrooms - 65-75F

Lion's Mane - 50-65F

Portabella - 60-70F

Reishi - 60-85F

Shiitake - 60-70F


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